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Answers to common questions.

INKLUSIVE* is an enterprise-grade design subscription service designed to meet the creative needs of fast paced marketing teams looking to scale their efforts efficiently.

It’s very simple. You need to subscribe for a prepaid package based on your requirement and your dedicated design team along with a dedicated project manager is at your disposal.
Finding the right plan is easy. Schedule a consultation with our experts, and together, we’ll suggest a suitable plan to match your design requirements, volume, and pace of work.
The “plug-and-play” model means that subscribers can easily access a wide range of creative solutions without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and multiple POs.
INKLUSIVE’s subscription model simplifies workflows by providing subscribers with seamless access to their customized platform, INKMaxx. INKMaxx is a collaborative Saas platform which simplifies the entire work flow and manages it efficiently. This will help in achieving creative excellence and scaling your brand to new heights. Say goodbye to the old agency challenges and welcome a new era of efficient, collaborative design with INKMaxx.

No, you don’t need an in-house creative team. INKLUSIVE’s team has experienced designers who understand marketing and its nuances so they can handle your creative needs, making it suitable for teams without the requirement of dedicated design resources or project manager/coordinator.

Our designers are experienced, in-house trained resources and they are not only great at designing but also understand marketing communication very well, making it a convenient, effective and efficient solution for you and your team.

INKLUSIVE* offers a comprehensive suite of creative services, streamlines workflows, and caters specifically to marketing teams, making it a convenient and efficient solution for scaling creative efforts.

After careful consideration we have kept a minimum commitment of a quarter (three months)  as our dedicated team will deepen its knowledge and understanding of your brand, branding guidelines, your needs, preferences and style of working and you will be able to get more value out of it. Also, this provides flexibility to switch between plans and rollover unused hours month on month as per the payment cycle (monthly/quarterly/annually).

However, for the first time users, we have a trial pack of 15 hours to get the understanding of suitability.

All customers and new users have access to personalized onboarding led by your INKLUSIVE* team. During a quick 30-minute call, we get you ready to submit projects and unpack the nuts and bolts of INKLUSIVE* and your solution.

We do not charge on a per project basis. Your subscription will have monthly hours that can be utilized for creative needs. Before starting any project, our team will understand the requirement and will give you an estimate of hours to complete it and that’s about it. Also, you can place multiple project requirements at a time, based on your package. Generally, In this way we come out to be more cost-effective than agencies and provide not only creative design services but project management and creative direction as well.
Yes, you can modify your subscription plan as your needs change. We offer flexibility to adapt to your evolving requirements.

INKLUSIVE* is built for fast paced teams, volume and scale, with a dedicated creative project manager handling tasks and projects. The platform handles tracking, billing, and collaboration, adapting to your workflow.

All customers and new users have access to personalized onboarding led by your INKLUSIVE* team. During a quick 30-minute call, we get you ready to submit projects and unpack the nuts and bolts of INKLUSIVE* and your solution.

Yes, with INKLUSIVE*, you will have full ownership of all the open files and editable files created during your project. We believe in empowering our clients and ensuring that you have complete control over your creative assets. This means you can use, modify, and manage these files as you see fit, without any restrictions. Your creative assets are yours to own, giving you the flexibility and autonomy to make the most of your designs.

At INKMaxx, we provide up to two iterations as part of our standard service. These iterations allow you to provide feedback, request adjustments, and fine-tune your designs to your satisfaction.
Absolutely! You can schedule a demo or consultation with our team to explore INKLUSIVE* in more detail and see how it can benefit your marketing efforts. Book a demo.

We Stand Ready To Meet Your Every Design Desire

INKLUSIVE* is your enterprise-grade design subscription solution, tailored for marketing teams seeking efficient scalability. Enjoy a plug-and-play model, accessing a vast creative spectrum through a single subscription. Count on our seasoned designers for diverse needs:

– Compelling social media assets
– Impactful web design
– Cohesive branding and marketing materials
– Visually striking presentations
– Attention-grabbing ads
– Eye-catching print collateral
– Comprehensive reports
– Captivating event materials
– Dynamic motion graphics
– Intuitive UI/UX design

Simplify your workflow, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to onboard multiple design resources. With INKLUSIVE*, focus on your core marketing strategies while entrusting design to our skilled team.

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